who are we?

Elk Grove Baptist Church worship services began back in August of 1958 in the Elk Grove Township Hall, which was located, at that time, one block south of Higgins on Arlington Heights Road. 

We were organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois on February 11, 1959, and officially joined the  Baptist General Conference (the denomination now known as Converge) in September of 1959. 

At that point we began meeting in several EGV schools — Higgins School (was located at Higgins and Landmeier), Ridge and Clearmont — before purchasing land on Devon Avenue. Our first building was completed in 1965 and we worshiped there until we outgrew the space. Plus being Elk Grove Baptist Church located in Itasca, Illinois, was pretty inconvenient!

So the Devon building was sold and four acres of land on Beisner Road were purchased in 1973. At that time it was anticipated that Beisner was going to become a major thoroughfare since the Forest Preserve district had plans to create a ski hill in Busse Woods which would be accessed from Beisner.

During the construction of our church on Beisner, we met at Pat Marshall School (now the Elk Grove Township Community Daycare Center on Chelmsford). 

Construction Photo History

The first worship service in our new building was held on November 17, 1974. But because this building did not include a sanctuary, members and friends took turns setting up chairs on Saturdays so that worship services could be held each week in our gymnasium. It wasn't until 1986 that construction began on our long-awaited sanctuary. Our gym was doubled in size in 1996 and an office wing was added in 2001.

But Elk Grove Baptist Church's story is more than where we've met and construction projects completed.

It's a story of lives changed and transformed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ.