for all ages

The atmosphere at EGBC is like that of many homes. Like many families, we are composed of several generations, living and growing under the same roof. We have family gatherings, celebrate holidays, share stories, mourn losses, teach, mentor, and learn together. It is our desire to develop a family of Christ-followers under our roof no matter the age or gender, through our diverse set of ministries.

Video: "What Is a Christ-Follower?"

We are born into God’s family by placing our complete faith and trust in Jesus. After that, EGBC is committed to lifelong learning and growth. The textbook for our growth is the Bible. The goal is life-transformation. In other words, we put into practice what we learn, and don’t just accumulate knowledge.

Video: "Discipleship:  Training Worth the Journey"

We develop our family of Christ-followers through Bible teaching classes, small group connections, conferences and seminars, and equipping ministry leaders with resources and professional development to apply Biblical principles to manage contemporary issues.

Christ-Follower Training includes

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Community Groups

Children’s Bible Discovery Zone

Student Ministries