to encourage a spirit of generosity...

You may be familiar with the Scripture phrase, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Your familiarity may limit the concept of "giving" to monetary offerings. Yes, while monetary donations are an important part of giving, they are only a part. To us, giving is not just what is put in the offering plate.

The entire passage above written by the Apostle Paul reminds Christ-following churches to work hard for others (Acts 20:35). We believe this translates into giving not just treasure (material), but non-material blessings of time (volunteering), and talent (serving) to meet the needs of friends and neighbors.  

EGBC members can speak of being blessed by donating, volunteering and serving.


Elk Grove Baptist is a debt-free church, so 100 percent of monetary giving is applied to regularly monitored ministry-related expenses. So, all of our tithes and offerings are used to address ministry within the building, associated with our church, and needs of select missionary families and agencies across the globe.

Our General Fund budget is designed to remain in alignment with faithful giving of offerings. While our annual budget is established each April, spending is carefully monitored and adjusted at regular intervals. 

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EGBC members and friends donate time to serve as volunteers for or at local agencies for special projects or at special times of the year.  

ELK GROVE VILLAGE FOOD PANTRY — Three times a year, we conduct food drives to help stock the Elk Grove Village Food Pantry. These food drives occur over two successive Saturdays: One Saturday we deliver empty grocery bags to area residences; the next Saturday, we pick up the filled bags and deliver them to the Food Pantry. EGBC also has an on-going Food Pantry donation box in our administration wing lobby. Non-perishable items may be delivered at any time. 

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SERVING THE VILLAGE DAYS — Three times a year, often affiliated with EGV Food Pantry collections, teams of volunteers visit Elk Grove residents, businesses, or civil servants to help with maintenance matters. Much-needed yard work, window washing, fence painting, trash hauling are some of the activities we’ve done for neighbors in years past. We also visit our local police and fire stations, the Alexian Brothers ER to uplift the crews on call, or local schools.
Request assistance or inquire how our Helping Hands Team can help you.

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FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN — An ongoing Community Group serving project is an evening a Feed My Starving Children, a Christian non-profit organization committed to feeding God's children hungry in body and spirit. Volunteers hand-pack meals specially formulated for malnourished children, that are sent to orphanages, schools, clinics and feeding programs to break the cycle of poverty across the globe. This is an intergeneration outreach.  

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At various times of the year EGBC members and friends are asked to provide items for or spend time with families or organizations that need material assistance or joy. Although not exclusively, these talents are put to use during November and December, the season we call #ThankSharing.

ANGEL TEAM — EGBC is one of two sites to host a gift-wrapping and delivery project for Chicago-area homeless families.  Two Saturdays — one is November, one in December — volunteers are invited to spend a few minutes, a few hours, or just drop in to help. Donations accepted. Learn more.

ADOPT-A-FAMILY — Each Christmas, EGBC helps Elk Grove Village and Elk Grove Township collect specific items to donate to families needing to provide food or gifts. Donations are collected at the church then delivered to the host agencies for distribution. Learn more.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING CHOIR — Before phones, TV, or the internet, the Gospel of Christ was conveyed door-to-door in song. More specifically, Christmas carols. Today, carols are sung as a way of sending greetings to friends or family who are not able to attend church or get out much. Our men's ministry sponsors an all-church caroling night to sing for our friends. Guests are welcome to participate. Watch for details.